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Image by Justin Kauffman

About Us

We at Vivre Validée are looking to combine sustainable fashion with a luxurious lifestyle. This longterm way of thinking should enable us to not only look good but also to be at peace with ourselfs.


All products are produced on demand. Furthermore, we try to add more recycled products to our store. And use organic cotton or similar sustainable materials for our products.

Our goal is to produce all products near its destination. To limit shipping times and waste.

Our Goal

Our goal at Vivre Validée is to introduce fresh sustainable fashion and accessories to the market. We are not the first brand but we try to step this game up and hopefully inspire bigger companies to do the same.

We understand that the clothes you wear should not only look and feel great, but also be ethically made. That's why we carefully source our materials from trusted suppliers who prioritize sustainable and eco-friendly practices, and ensure that our manufacturing partners provide fair wages and safe working environments for their employees.


Our Fabrics

We use organic cotton or recycled polyester and fiber. Note that not all products in our store are made by them right now. We try to find new partners and expand our store with products made by recycled or organic materials as far as possible.

Look out for the green banner which indicate products made by at least 80% of recycled or organic materials.

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